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OVERVIEW of Golden Ratio Project Foundation Programs

Our programs involve music and environmental education  through performance concert venues and social networking; music scholarships for children;  internships in recording sciences and multi-media arts; educational workshops with international music and recording arts professionals; Artists in Residence; and charitable benefits.


The Rainbow Project offers an interactive and fun 1-hour program where students participate by singing and playing rhythm instruments to music, performed live, that fosters creativity, respect for nature and animals, and living harmoniously with other people. Exercises include writing a song as a group and rhythmical movement-dance.  Students learn, create, and sing songs that teach musical concepts including notes, rests, rhythmic values, chords, and harmony. 

Music Lesson Scholarship Program
Funding for children demonstrating musical ability, creativity, and motivation, for private study of a musical instrument, to aid families who lack the economic means to purchase an instrument and/or pay for weekly lessons.  GRPF works with a roster of qualified and experienced instrumental teachers, schools, community members, and others.


Master-Class Music  Workshops
These workshops are open to  general public with nationally  and internationally known experts presenting cutting-edge programs, including singing/vocal, recording sciences, songwriting, and music business

Monthly Songwriting Workshops
Workshops presented monthly workshop is open to the public and all who are interested in learning all facets the craft of songwriting and the music business. 

Internship & Career Training
Practical, hands-on training in recording engineeing, music-video production, music publishing, and business management related to the music recording, performing, and multi-media arts professions.   


House Concerts
House concerts reflect a growing trend in music performance, bringing new music and artists to the fore in the intimacy of private home concerts. 
Combining a passion for music along with sustainable living, GRPF's  House Concerts are integrated with Thrive Station social network to hold a vision for increasing environmental awareness through local music and community renewable energy projects nationally.

Songwriters Original Showcase
Provides a listening performance venue for original artists and fans of original music in a theater setting

Charitable Events
Music performance events to raise funds to aid  musicians whose lives are compromised by natural disasters or health problems.

Environmental education and awareness

A roster of extraordinary artists who compose and perform original music in various genres