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Thrive Station is sustainable music and energy network working together to produce thousands of sustainable local music and community renewable energy projects nationally.

bulletReduce or eliminate CO2 and other "green house gas" emissions currently being generated by the creative community
bulletEliminate the need for petroleum based fuels by the creative community
bulletIncrease to 100% the use of energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Water, on Music Concert Tours, including venues and in the transport of the local audience to those concerts.
bulletSponsor - Sustainable Music Concert Tours - prove and educate the public about these beak through technologies
bulletImplement new energy systems for public and environmental benefit

Performance venue of choice - The House Concert.

House concerts have the advantage over other venues

bulletLow or no concert over head
bulletDirect interaction between the artist and the audience
bulletSense of belonging in a small community
bulletEasier to arrange and implement
bulletEasier to achieve CO2 reduction goals

Once a house concert venue has been selected, Thrive Station works to connect the audience with an energy network that can save individuals money, and help them purchase energy from sustainable environmental resources.  Savings are passed on in the form of donations to the GRPF.

Thrive Station evolved out of the Songwirters Original Showcase Series founded in 2001.



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