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Voice Actors & Public Speakers
MJ Lallo, George Whittam, Fred Catona, Rick Denzien, Debra Lee and Gary Catona
Philadelphia Area
Saturday October 1, 2011 1:00 PM - 9:00 pm
Sunday October 2, 2011 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

What if you could meet personally with top industry professionals... those responsible for:
- Casting
- Producing
- Directing

Feature Films For:
- Miramax
- Universal Pictures
- Fox Kids
- Didgimon

National Commercials For:
- Wal-mart
- Simon & Schuster

This is a must attend workshop if you are serious about your career as a voice over talent.

About the Workshop

We welcome MJ Lallo

Hollywood, CA - based voice character actor “guru”
M J Lallo brings a lot to the table, as she is a VO actor, Director, Producer, and does casting from her Talent Roster.  

What You will Learn

Hey it's all about acting no matter what type of copy you are reading or what songs you are singing! This seminar runs the gamut from commercials to games to animation and its guaranteed to extend your range—Big Time!

Group exercises and work:
1. Breathing, Voice Placement, Voice Stretching, Character Development through improvisation
2. A unique technique of left and right brain character discovery
3. Total physicalization of characters for commercials as well as animation as they move, dance and yeah even sing!
4. Rolodex set up of all types characters from the gal and guy next door, corp CEO's, alien warriors, to whack Job Cartoon characters.
5. Reading scripts of all types. Your audio files will be emailed to you.
6. Working with scripts to Pictures, Music and Sound Effects to enhance your performance.
7. Question and answer sessions about business. If time permits.

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"Be on the inside track for opportunities most of us only dream about"...


Propel your career forward by attending this 2 day workshop:
bullet Network with top industry professionals
bullet Audition your talent live before a noted industry talent scout
bullet Build your resume

Open doors to job opportunities

About MJ Lallo
      She has done voice looping for feature films and her unique vocalizing with digital processors won her three Addy Awards. She has done VO for: Disney, Miramax, Universal Pictures, Fox Kids, Didgimon, Wal-mart, Simon & Schuster, IBM, GNC, yada yada! 
                    You know her voice:

In Film
Lilo & Stitch- Mom Voice (parks)-Disney Imagineering
- Digitmon Cartoon-Koromon, Fox KidsTV-Fox Kids Network
- Baby Bob-Duckie, Bobbi Cat-Universal Interactive
- Epcot Center-Interactive-Narrator-Disney Imagineering

MJ is Casting Director for:
DreamWorks Shrek Game Casting British VO for all Three Blind Mice
Law & Order DVD TV Promo VO Director and casting... and hundreds more ....

bulletShe is co-author of the book "Voice Over for Animation " with Jean Wright, published by Focal Press.

She has also produced a 90 minutes DVD,
“Marketing Yourself in Voice Over.”
She recently cast and direct an animated feature.

Read MJ's full resume here

The Value Of This Workshop Exceeds $4,500
Here is what you get:

$ 759.00 - Insiders report - list of people that are using your kind of talent
$   99.00 - How to Turn Your Voice Into Money
$   75.00 - Free 1 hour professional recording studio time
$  250.00 - Free 60 Broadcast Quality 60 second Commercial with your voice
$  900.00 -15% Discount On Tech Consultations, Installs, Setup of Eqipment & Gear
$  500.00 -10% Discount On Equipment Purchases
$  500.00 - Free Skype Lesson with Gary Catona
$  500.00 - Two 20 Minute Skype Sessions with MJ Lallo
$1,000.00 -Free Advertising Voucher


"Find out about the latest in VO Tech before it gets old"....

LA's Best Tech Wizard
George Whittam

The leading authority in VO technology


"What a wonderful surprise!  I thank MJ  for giving my surge of confidence and professionalism. Her workshop was an amazing experience. Lunacy never sounded more inviting and adventurous."Elizabeth Cohen    New Jersey

"I thought MJ’s class was valuable; especially in some of the simple work sheets and voice placement exercises she provided early & later when she brought a “here’s what you will go through trying to get a job” aspect into the exercises with the “auditions.”   Steven A. Young - NYC

"I had a blast in the class. MJ made everyone feel at ease and got us all fired up to do anything she asked.  She was lovely and personable and brilliant.  I could not be happier that I took the class."    Dennis Mason- New Jersey

About George Whittam
George was introduced to the world of voice-overs through a producer at 94 WYSP FMHoward Parker, who asked the station’s engineer to help him build a home studio in New York City.  From a handful of satisfied clients, George has now built a business that works solely with voice-over studios and actors.

Among his many successful clients are the late Don LaFontaine , Bill Ratner, Joe Cipriano and Scott RummellClient List

What You will Learn

"Mic to MP3" a full day technical recording workshop for Voice-over Actors
1. Mic technique & acoustics
2. Selecting the right microphone
3. Comparison of recording software
4. Editing tips to speed up your process
5. Setting up EQ, Gate, Compressor presets
6. Source Connect vs. ISDN vs. phone hybrid vs. Skype and more....

This is an intimate workshop where you will get hands on and Q n A time with George Whittam.  You'll get to address issues that plague you in your own studio and learn some tricks that will save you so much time and frustration, they're worth the entry price alone!

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His extensive knowledge of computers, software, equipment, and troubleshooting abilities makes him a sought after expert and indispensable on-call technician. He is globally considered a top authority in voice-over recording technology. He has invested thousands of hours researching studio design, recording equipment, and creating training materials for voice actors. In so doing, he has also become an industry innovator by developing specialized services that cater exclusively to voice-over professionals. 

“Hi, my name is Zurek; I’m narrator for HBO Pay Per View Boxing, also promo voice for the BT networks, and signature voice for over fifty radio stations all over the place in cities like Minagua, Nicaraugua, New York, L.A., Chicago. I love my job. So much so that I have a tendency to twist some buttons I shouldn’t, because that’s not what I do, professionally, but George Whittam  does, and George is the man. I met him at Voice 2008. Joe Cipriano said, “Y’all, that’s the guy you need to deal with, in case you ever screw your buttons up, you can call George and get him via phone patch—and I have—or contact him via Skype, Source Connect, mp3, FTP, whatever you need, George is there, and most importantly, he is dependable. There are people with million dollar voices and people with million dollar ears, and George is the man. ERS is the only way to go for me.”

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Fred Catona
Fred and Radio Direct Response in 1995 to launch whose valuation grew to $20 billion in just 18 months. Fred’s company has had numerous successful advertising campaigns with other notable companies such as Free Credit and Disney.

Fred is the Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist for Bulldozer Digital, a full-service advertising and marketing company that specializes in Digital Convergence Marketing. Fred has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Entrepreneur  Magazine and over 100 TV, radio, magazine and online media outlets.

You will learn from Fred what you need to do to be a success on the radio. Fred first invented Direct Response Radio revolutionizing radio advertising. His latest brain-child is Digital Convergence Marketing  which is a natural progression into the digital world. By combining the  inherit benefits of both mediums, Fred’s company, Bulldozer Digital, can  offer its clients a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for their  advertising and marketing needs.

Who can benefit:

1. Voice Over Talent
2. Actors

3. Recording Engineers

4. Students

5. Public Speakers, Legislators, Clergy

6. Professional Singers of all styles

7. Songwriters who want to learn how to make an animation singing demo
8. Alogers, Blogers, Vlogers
9. Radio Personalities


About your hosts
bäh-fō studio

Rick & Debra Denzien
Rick Denzien is Studio engineer, producer, system designer, songwriter and performer - he along with vocal coach, songwriter and performer
Debra Lee will be on hand to help answer questions and assist with sessions.
They recently worked with:

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup For the Soul

Alan Cohen
Why Your Life Sucks
Dare To Be Yourself
John Braheny
The Craft and Business of Songwriting:
  American Idol:
Justin Guarini
What You Won't Do For Love
Late Night:
Anton Fig
Water Falling
Far Below
Paul Shaffer
Fred Bauer - (Buddy Holly Story) Songwriters Original Showcase
Moničre - XeNation - Cineque Pictures
Josh Histle - Sons of Tucson - TuefelHistle Films
Workshops with
John & JoAnn Braheny
Craig Bickhardt
Alen Cohen
Lisa Popeil
Subaru - Motorola - Ditech
  Performances with
Singer Songwriters
Lenka Filipova
Brian Bortnick
Michael Ronstadt
Lost In Holland
Grant Peeples
Ronstadt Generations

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$760 -
$825 -
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Workshop Value $1,200!! Special One time offer for this price.
Accessable by Train from NYC, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia

bäh-fō Studio
164 Edgewood Drive
Ambler, PA  19002

Private One-on-One Consultations also being scheduled for
Saturday, October 1 &
Sunday October 2nd
(more information on registration page)
Limited to the first 20 Registrants

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in time for FAFCON

for your career

Time Slots are LIMITED for  sessions where MJ and George will work individually with EACH PARTICIPANT.

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(with MJ or George)
$760 -
$825 -
Register Now and Save $100.
Pre Registration Early Bird Discount in effect now until August 7th 2011
Registration Installment plan available.

Workshop Value $1,200!! Special One time offer for this price.
Accessable by Train from NYC, DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia

A more in-depth consultation will be scheduled separately. 
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